Flowers make every normal place more beautiful and colourful. Most of people love or appreciate flowers they are beautiful and also for their symbolic meanings. Every flower conveys something special feelings. Like if a red colour flower symbolizes love or passion, a pink colour flower shows purity, a white colour flower is a symbol of peace or purity while a yellow colour flower represents friendship. When it comes to showing or expressing our love for someone special in our life then a beautiful gift is the right or best choice.  No doubt if we say that flowers have articulate languages in the universe. According to all gifts flowers are the wonderful gift for everyone because flowers have a language of their own. It is really good to know what message you want to express when gifting a flower bouquet or a single flower also.  Winni’s online flowers delivery in Pune help you to celebrate one of the most important days of your life with your dear ones.

1 Roses21


Generally rose considered a symbol of beauty and love. Writers and poets have used the flower as an analogy for beauty, true love, emotions and passion throughout the ages. The amazing thing about roses is that there are many different kinds to choose from in a legion of colours. Red colour rose symbolizes love that time a bouquet of red and white roses means unity.

2 Tulips22


Tulip is an expression of adjustment, opportunity and ambition. Tulips are also believed to represent fulfillment of spiritual awareness.

3 Lilies23


Lilly represents partnerships, unions and long relationship. So lilies are the best flower bouquet to present during a wedding or any special occasion.

4 Carnation24


Carnation is another great flower for all our special occasion that also bring meaning from the giver. Pink colour carnation symbolizes mother’s love, light red colour for admiration, dark red colour for deep love and white carnation flower for pure love. Their long stem makes them a beautiful flower bouquet.

5 Sunflower25


The sunflower is one of the most archetypal and mesmerizing flowers.  The big bright faces of sunflower almost seem to be smiling at you which make people happy every time. So it is also perfect for every special occasion.