It’s Rose Day on the first week of Valentine but for singles, its Marigold day, as the most common use of marigold is in a religious place. So wish you a Happy Marigold Day!! Enjoy it or see some of these suggestions which you may like and add your personal flavor to them and implement on this day.

1. Start Worshiping Lord Hanuman

As stated earlier use marigold flowers and lose yourself in worshiping the Lord of all singles and bachelors, Lord Hanuman.

2. Flirt with any single person you may find

Take this day as a chance to flirt with many people as Valentine’s Day is approaching and if you can get a date for Valentine

3. Start tree planting

Follow the mission of green Earth and start planting trees and plants as all the flowers on this day (Rose) are taken from plants which make them look monotonous.

4. Be a source of inspiration for people like you

Be a source of inspiring all other singles to never be sad on this day and inspire them to find someone or even follow the first path (Lord Hanuman).

5. Party out with friends

Visit a club or party place with your single friends, party with them, revel in their joys and you may never know you may meet someone there also.

6. Give flowers to family members who matter in your lives

Your mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt etc. all are some of the significant people in your life, Rose apart from being the symbol of love is also the symbol of beauty, so honor them for their contribution in your lives and show them your love with gifting them flowers.

7. Spread happiness among others

Being single is not a sin, you may never know what is in your future’s store, so spread the feeling of love among others (couples) and encourage them in their advances.