We are coming at the end of year 2016 and from December Shimla is going to experience start of snowfall which would continue till March. For any place whose temperature goes below 5 degree Celsius in India, life becomes pretty stiff there. People do not prefer to go outside in morning, evening and night times. And in Shimla it is pretty more difficult, because not only here temperature drop below 5 degrees in winter but also it experiences good amount of snowfall.

It’s all because it is situated around 7,467 feet from sea level. Due to which temperature here generally do not exceed above 20 degree Celsius and in winter it goes a great scenic view with snowfall. Many people across the globe comes in Shimla to experience this beautiful view in Shimla. But people living in Shimla are not a big fan of it because ofcourse it creates a disruption in normal life of people in winters. Especially for the people who have birthday’s in this time of the year.

Shimla View 2

This like midnight celebration of birthday’s are almost non-existent there. Because you would not prefer to go out to buy a cake from bakery at around 8 or 9 pm in night. People generally buy cakes around 3 pm and cut it by 4 pm to avoid chilling temperature after 5 pm. And in January and February when snowfall is at it peak many people refrain from going outside altogether to buy cake. They generally look for preparing something in home only for celebrating birthdays.

But as Winni has reached to Shimla, now people can enjoy birthday celebrations like never before. It doesn’t matter which season of the year it is, Winni effortlessly provides online cake delivery in Shimla. You might have understood the meaning of online, it means that Winni provides you facility to order cake online in Shimla by visiting its website and choosing cake of your own choice. You simply select delivery date and time that you want and Winni makes sure that your choice of cake gets delivered to your home.

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And major attraction here, is the midnight cake delivery in Shimla service offered by Winni. This creates huge opportunity, people can now celebrate birthday at midnight by ordering cake from Winni and getting it delivered right in midnight. Most of the people who are living away from their parents or friends who are living in Shimla often try to send cakes to their loved ones. Placing order for cake online is a boon for them, now they can get cake delivered to their loved ones.

And there are many people in Shimla who are pure vegetarian and they do not prefer to have cakes which contain egg. And all over the world most of the cakes are baked with egg only. To avoid this issue, Winni has introduced eggless cake delivery in Shimla, with which you need not to worry about having a cake with egg. All cakes in eggless category are baked without egg in it and it is suitable for people who are pure vegetarian.