flower delivery in Hyderabad
Winni  – undoubtedly the best in online cake and flower delivery service in Bangalore has given umpteen number of chances to celebrate any relation without any reason. Customer delight and being ecstatic motivates us to do better. We do not consider the work at winni as a job but everyone think of keeping other people happy and bring smile on their face. Apart from that there are other aspects of cheerful and gaiety moments of the employees which also motivates the team a lot.

To start with our “delivery executives” who make the moments of the customer joyful gets motivated with many things. Our delivery executive don’t expect something out of that but if they get appreciation for their job as tips of some amount, they become happy and if the tip comes in the form of chocolates then the chocolates are shared by others, hence the cheer and delight gets double.

cake delivery in Hyderabad

The next delight for them is when when there are words of appreciation for them  by the customer in the review section of the website. The little word of thanks and appreciation from customer make them feel more energetic towards the work. Recently, we had a delivery of the flower bouquet to a very famous Kannada actor, and every delivery executive want to deliver those flowers as they wanted to see the film star in real which they saw till now only on screen. It was the midnight delivery of flowers in Bangalore at her place. We delivered the bouquet on time and our delivery also clicked themselves with her. This was the moment of euphoria and hilarity for our delivery executives. They would not have thought that they will  be meeting a star who they always seen in the television or on cinema screen.

Next day there was a lot being said with humour in favour of the delivery executives. The cake and flowers delivery to the home of loved ones in Bangalore has made many gratified and relish the most of the celebrated moments. Winni has been a destination of joy for customer as well as employees. Now the same service customer can experience in Hyderabad as well. Sending flowers , cakes and gift items to the near ones in Hyderabad has become easy and reliable. The market is changing and we have promise make the people happing by traversing their emotions in various forms. Order cakes and flowers for delivery in Hyderabad at a minimum effort by placing order online and get a cash back for Rs 50 for the futher orders.