Men wonder what does a woman likes in a man, this question has bamboozled many men as they wonder what they like about them, let’s take a look what a woman likes in man

1. When you give your jacket to them in coldguy-giving-his-jacket-to-girl


You can say it’s almost a no-brainier or it’s just a cliché and has been shown and even written in many movies and books but we don’t know why but they like it.

2. Explaining them about thingsScreen-shot-2013-11-24-at-9.11.39-PM


Normally some men treat other men in a mean way if they ask a question like in India, about cricket, machines, vehicles etc. every guy expect that any other guy must know about it while if it’s a girl then they explain them all the things which is said to be something girls dig in guys.

3. Opening doors for themIf men and women aspire to operate as equals, does a man still pay the bill on a date? Should he hold open a door? Pull out his date's chair?


Doors can be opened by girls also but by showing they have a special place in their lover’s (boyfriend/husband/partner) heart and even due to courtesy girls like it even if it’s another cliche

4. Carrying them in arms624


Girls like to be carried in the arms of a guy and guys also like to do it and it has become common due to it being shown in many movies and TV series and they dig it due to that

5. Making their friends jealousbest-friend-girlfriend


Girls tends to get jealous with other girls and one of the reasons is they are jealous as their friend is treated very good by the guy dating her, this also makes them happy.

6. Tolerating their friends even when guys don’t like itultisamp

Some of the friends of a guy’s lover can be different to tolerate by the guys as it’s common knowledge that when two girls get together they tend to talk for a long time which sometimes irritates guys and they still tolerate them

7. Keeping silence while they rantsultisamp1

Sometimes girls feel outbursts of anger which they tend to change to rants, a guy can also argue with them but girls like to get cool when they rant out their anger and they just listens to them silently which is the thing which cools down the girls