Who was right in Sania and Manjrekar face-off?


Yesterday was moment of proud for all Indians when Sania Mirza expressed her immense happiness with the news that for 80 consecutive weeks she is the top player in the world. She took twitter as a medium to express her happiness with her fans

While Bollywood celebrities like Shabana Azmi, Vishal Dadlani congratulated Mirza, Manjrekar reminded her that the rankings were for the doubles category. Which is what happened to be correct.

And this started a raging and fierce fight of words over twitter between the two. Where Sania thrashed Sanjay for making a nonsense comment over her feat. Sanjay maintained that she should clearly mention that she is top player in doubles as many people unfamiliar with tennis could take it as Sania is world’s number 1 player. But Sania couldn’t take it with ease and called Sanjay lacks common sense.

After a heated exchange of tweets, Sanjay tried to cut at more firing by making a sensible tweet

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