When you have a really bad day


Its a sunny day after long rainy season, I should take sun bath today. With these thoughts Mr. Ajay went on the terrace of his home in Pune in Hinewadi. With ray-ban’s on and lying down in shorts, all of a sudden he was all drenched because yeah rains in Pune is highly unpredictable. And so was dreams of Mr. Ajay, poor guy. And like Ajay there are some other guys that we have picked for you who had really bad day.

Like this girl, who is looking to perform something great

Oh girl! You just missed it

This guy was drooling all over this girl

You pervert! I knew what were you thinking

Skates, yeah I got it. Look how I roll

Uuuuhhh!! That hurts, that hurt real bad


I want to

Turn around, turn around. Goshh you hit it
I am getting late, late late very late. Shit!!!!

Such bad days are part of our lives. Never mind, pain won’t last forever 😛

So lets, cheer up today and celebrate what we have with us. And if you don’t find any reason to celebrate then don’t worry just cut a cake. It is commonly said that you don’t need to have a reason to cut a cake. Cake is something which will make you happy always even when you don’t have any reason to be. So, if you feel right then go ahead and order cake online in Pune for delivery of cake anywhere in Pune. To make life easier you will easily find option for same day cake delivery as well as midnight cake delivery in Pune as well.

Don’t let bad days take over you. Look for something new and start afresh again 🙂