We don’t remember all the days of our life, we only remember all the best moments which gives us good memories. So let’s make our every moment memorable with a delicious cake. Among different flavors cake vanilla is a flavor which will adorable and loved by all age groups. A slice or piece of vanilla cake is one of the finer things in life which will cherish all your moments. For birthdays, anniversary or any special occasions, these vanilla cakes are delicate, moist, and versatile. You can doctor them up with different types and flavors of frosting, whipped cream, and sauces to customize a special dessert and create your memories with it. Order online cake delivery in Delhi and make your day eventful and delight your party with a sweet dessert by a vanilla cake.

1 Vanilla dream cake


Source: cakemerchant.com

This vanilla cake is the best cake to serve all age groups. Its recipe really is a dream cake. Vanilla extract and a whole vanilla bean make this intensely vanilla cake a great choice for an unusual frosting pairing and very good to taste. Add mocha, citrus-inspired, coconut then it will sky’s the limit.

2 Vanilla butter cake

v4Source: bettycakes.wordpress.com

This is a skilled, extremely simple vanilla cake recipe that makes a great base for a rich buttercream frosting. Its special butter flavor touch makes it mare tasty, use a strawberry or raspberry jam as the filling between the two layers of the cake to make it eye catching and tasty.

3 Vanilla raspberry cake

V2Source: tipsncare.blogspot.in

This is a fancy yet very tasty dessert to serve. Here three layers of vanilla cake, cream, and raspberry jelly, cut into elegant squares, makes for one fancy dessert. Garnish with fresh raspberries and top with a sprig of fresh mint. This flavor is also adorable by all age group.

4 Vanilla rum cake

v3Source: foodnetwork.com

Chopped pecans, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla pudding mix, and rum are mixed together in this substantial cake that is baked in a pan and looks amazing. The rum glaze (butter, rum, and maple syrup) is what makes it so sweet and tasty.