Feast of Saint Valentine or Valentine’s Day is the day considered good especially for girls but what are the boys for? just for giving gifts to girls and pacifying them even in some of their smallest worries. So it’s the time for boys to get gifts from girls let’s see what can make them happy.

1. Bike RideBeautiful-Hot-Couple-In-Bike-HD-Wallpapers


Boys love their rides and what they want is to be with their riding toys, so why not just go along with their indulgence and accompany them on their driving aka riding experience to make it lovely and special for them

2. Movies (of different genre)8b6cbd677d7674333562842c47ad2fd9

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Who doesn’t like movies but beware boys may have some awkward tastes in girl’s views as they like action, horror, and comedy which are not appropriate for the occasion but if you want to make him happy go with it

3. Ticket To a Beach (Ahem… Goa!!!)www.hdnicewallpapers.com

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Guys just enjoy the sun-basking beaches and in India, one of the famous beaches are of Goa, so get there with them enjoy good moments with them, but keep your eyes as they may ogle other girls too

4. Boozeblack+couple+drinking+at+bar+2

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The love of alcohol and guys is mutual, one can’t live without the other, for any occasion a guy’s first course of action will be alcohol, so let them enjoy it and if you want to go with it, but do not drink in excess

5. Night out Party

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Waking up for a whole night for a party, heck yes, a boy loves that so what better if you are also with them during this night out party

6. Adventuresrsz_skydive-columbus4

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Guys like heroes who perform many stunts during their movies, so they like adventures, they like sky-diving, roller coaster, bungee jumping, rafting, mountaineering, para-gliding, scuba-diving etc. so let them experience the thrill of these adventures and accompany them if you dare, they also like the taglines of famous cold-drink advertisements “Darr ke age Jeet Hai” and “Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte Hai”

7. Cosplay3cc0d4a3d965bebb89cc6a918a4328af


Superheroes are the perfect idols for boys, they like superheroes and they may also want to look like one, so get in a dress of your favorite character and let them do the same and do activities like fooling others, teasing your friends and many others. While wearing a costume one can also enact a play or skit showing the incidents of their movies or comics