Valentine also is known as the day of love on this day lovebirds express love, feelings they forget about worries and tension as well as the world they feel free on this day like a bird. manly Valentines week start with a rose day and ends with valentine day in between various days like hug day, propose day, promise day etc.


ROSE DAY winni

Valentine week starts with the rose day. On this day couples hail each other with gorgeous, cherry red rose. Couples spend time with each other.

Day 2 – Propose day

Propose day winni

on this day, you can propose to the boy or girl that you have a crush on. You should scrap your knee and say I fell in love with you will you be mine, proposed in the different way set up your projector start the movie and wait for the scene when the proposal scene comes, stand up propose your girl or boy with the same dialog.

Day 3 – Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day winni

After propose day, next day is chocolate day now you have got a yes proposal. Now it is time for a gift, go to the market and get a top class chocolate box with the flavor of your love and set up the box in the office where your girl or boy working. When she opens the box, you can’t imagine how happy she is.

Day 4 – Teddy day

Teddy day Winni

On this day just buy little cute teddy or any big teddy. Get up early in the morning go to your lovers home and place the teddy bear to your lover’s bed, I think I will not tell you when your lover wake up, you can imagine.

Day 5 – Promise day

Promise day Winni

on this day, you should promise her/him for anything and you should remember your promise and you should follow what you say. If we say in the Simple way it is given and take condition.

Day 6 – Hug day

Hug day Winni

Yes, this day only for hugging. You should buy beautiful flowers or anything which makes her happy gives the gift to your lover and lose yourself in your lover’s arm. This is the best feeling what you feel right now.

Day 7 – Kiss day

Kiss day Winni

The most beautiful day before Valentine itself. On this day play the music with dim light and dance with your lover kiss each other and just be with each other I think no need to say more than this.

Day 7 – Valentine day

Valentine day Winni

The most awaited day means big day is valentine day, on this day you can celebrate your new relationship in any way whatever you want you can celebrate. Lots of ways to celebrate your day of love so enjoy each moment together forget about all things leaves your tension behind just be yourself.

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