Valentine Week, the week full of love is one of the most romantic time of the year, roses and hugs are some of the ways of conveying your feeling but the deepness of your feelings is dependent on your kiss with your Valentine. Kiss if defined by the dictionary is said to be “touching or pressing one’s lips against another person or an object”, but this definition is so boring. Kiss is said as the touch of one’s soul which bears their real feeling towards you when you receive it, it is the form of a pact that person seals with you to be their best for you. Let’s talk about how we will celebrate the day dedicated to this special touch.

1. By a forehead kiss

If it’s an early start of your relationship and you want to depict your affection this kiss is the most appropriate to depict it. This kiss is not only appropriate for your love but for the people which you have affection such as your parents, siblings etc.

2. Kiss on cheek

This is one of the most common kisses of all, it’s mainly appropriate if you want to show your respect, adoration (not love) or friendliness towards someone. If it’s between lovers then it’s the way of showing your love when you have to leave hastily (to your office or workplace).

3. Using an Eskimo Kiss

This is another one of the kisses which can be done in two ways, one is appropriate for your partner while the other will be appropriate for your family. The start of both are same in which you have to touch the tip of your nose with the one you’re kissing and rotate your head as you like, now if it’s your love give him/her a kiss on his/her mouth and if its family kiss on their forehead or above the tip of their nose.

4. Earlobe Kiss

The earlobe is one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, so a kiss on the earlobe is ticklish and also a show of romantic feelings, it’s not only romantic but also hot and passionate.

5. Kiss on the hand 

This kiss is the show of respect for one’s beauty generally given by males to the females, this kiss depicts their respect towards the female’s beauty and their appreciation for it. This kiss is also used to welcome your love amidst people.

6. Gentle or Angel kiss

A kiss on your love’s eyelids or even on lips but gently to show your warmness towards them.

7. Vampire kiss 


Popular due to its name and based on movies it’s a kiss accompanied by a bite or sucking on the neck.

8. Prolonged Kiss 

This is the most appropriate to show your raw emotions by kissing your partner on the lips for a long period to show your emotion and passion. The most common show of your love towards them.

9. Single-Lip Kiss 

A kiss where you suck the lip of your partner while sandwiching your lip between theirs. One of the most passionate and deep show of your love.

10. French Kiss 

The most passionate show of love this kiss is most appropriate if you’re very close to your partner and both you and they are in deep love. This is the hottest kiss of all and it takes time to master it but it includes lip-locking with a lot of tongue action.