What fun is there in living a planned and gradual life. Sometimes you got to believe yourself and let things happen. Such people proudly say:

Sahil ka sukoon se hume inkar nhi 
magar tufano se kashti nikalne ka maza hi kuch aur hai !!
Many times you need to go out of the box and take risks in life to achieve something which seems to be impossible for many others. They might call you an idiot for doing such things but eventually when you succeed you will set an example for millions. We have collated few images of such people who are setting high standards of risk to achieve something 🙂
Note: Not for weak heart people.
You don’t need to go garage for cleaning
Setting high standards? May be
AC can give you wings
Trust is everything – be it for a human or a wooden stick
Why do you need stairs anyways?
Sometimes you got to improvise in given circumstances
Friends for life, friends after life
Perfect example of friends acting as your foundation of success
You don’t really need two friends to go higher 😉
Carry on Jim, we are keeping you alive
Here comes best of all, they have taken risks to entirely to new level
I am master of death
I hope his wife is not at home to see this
We are insulated from electricity
Life standing on a brink
You might have got goosebumps looking at these extreme acts from these very smart people. But it takes a lot of courage to pull yourself together to even think for something. You will not find this in any book, or life lesson. This is all just innovative thinking and a courageous mind to make it happen. This is as courageous as sending cake on birthday of someone with whom you have not talked over 10 years. May be lost school friends who are living in Pune and can never expect that they will receive a cake or flowers on their birthday from a long lost friend.
And for such act you can’t even make excuses as there are plenty of online cake delivery in Pune services from where you can send any good cake on your friends birthday sitting anywhere in the world. Indeed it takes a whole lot of courage, but we insist you to do this, because friends are forever and the ones which were with you in your childhood would be far more honest and selfless. It doesn’t cost you much but the smile and happiness you are going to bring in your friend’s life is priceless. And of-course you have revived your friendship once again by doing this.
And it would be great if you could surprise him more than ever by midnight cake delivery in Pune. Getting a cake at midnight time is something which you would never expect and something which is not expected always gives immense happiness to every soul.
Just for this moment I have found a perfect song

Stay motivated, take risks, live your life