1. Show the best in youimage1

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Show the world what you’re made up of; show them your strengths which can overshadow your mistakes and weaknesses.

2. Don’t compare yourself with anyone elseimage2

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It’s rightly said that no one is your competitor; you yourself are your toughest opponent, so compete against yourself and try to surpass yourself.

3. Follow your interestsimage3

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Don’t be stuck in the world’s circle of doing and following whatever everyone does make your own way, live to your strengths and do not decide anything on the basis of following everyone.

4. Don’t leave decisions halfwayimg4

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If you decide upon something like going to the gym or then complete it don’t leave it hanging as it may not only damage your closed ones but also your self-confidence.

5. Get Realimage5

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If you were living in your dreams then get a check and live in reality, dreams are not everything. I am not saying that you shouldn’t follow your dreams but if your dreams are realistic and not something highly impossible than get real.

6. Be perceptive and learn from retrospectionimage6

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Look back at what you did right and also what you did wrong in the last year so you can measure yourself with others.

7. Be your own bossimage7

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Don’t let others decide what you have to do or not to do, don’t let anyone else be the boss of your life, take your own decisions.