A firecracker also known as cracker or noise maker or banger or bunger is an explosive device which may be small, it is primarily designed to produce noise in large amount around it, generally crackers which make noise in the form of a loud bang are liked amongst all others; sometimes they are also used to give a visual effect if it was the goal they were made for. Firecrackers have fuses and they are wrapped in a paper casing heavily to contain the compound responsible for explosion. Firecrackers originated in China. Before the firecracker or to say its predecessor was made up of heated bamboo and it was used in early 200 BC, it exploded on heating continuously. Due to this, the Chinese called the firecrackers as “baozhu” which meant exploding bamboo. When gunpowder was invented, firecrackers were made from it and these crackers had a shape resembling bamboo and these also produced a similar sound, so the name “baozhu” was retained. The general use of firecrackers in traditional Chinese culture was to scare off evil spirits.

Firecrackers are generally used in the celebration of festivals or holidays including Halloween, Independence Day in many countries, Tihar in Nepal, Diwali in India, Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night in the U.K., Day of Ashura in Morocco, Bastille Day in France, Skyfest in Ireland, Spanish Fallas, and in almost every festival of Sri Lanka (e.g. Sri Lankan New Year), New Year’s Eve everywhere and Purim in Israel.

Firecrackers are generally made up of plastic or cardboard having black powder or flash powder as one of the propellants but this is not the case every time. Anything starting from lighter fluid to match heads have been used in making good quality firecrackers. The main thing which results in loud firecrackers lies in the part present in the propellant substance is the pressure of the explosion due to the propellant. Firecracker is very tightly packed entirely in order for it to work or explode in the best way while Flash powder isn’t needed to be packed as tightly which it should be.

The festival of Diwali in India have crackers as one of its most essential part, on Diwali people exchange gifts and you can get these gifts with order online Diwali gifts or Online gifts for Diwali and spread the merriment of the festival and enjoy this festival of light with lighted and lively firecrackers. Firecrackers are of different types spanning from Sparklers to Rockets, Sparklers are generally used by children, it emits sparks when alighted and children enjoy it, Chakkars are alighted on the ground and it rotates while emitting bright sparks when lightened and children like to run around it, Flower Pots are said to emit sparks of fire in the form of a fountain, Atom Bombs explode with a loud bang and a great flash, Electric crackers give regular bangs and flashes, while Rockets and Shots go or send their sparks in the sky and then explode giving off different colored sparks.