0011177_wallace_gormit_butterscotch_photo_cakeA cartoon is said to be a form of 2-dimensional illustrated art which is a visual treat for one’s eyes. The specific definition of a cartoon is changing over time, in modern time its use is referred to a non-realistic or semi-realistic drawing or painting which is generally intended for satire, humor, or caricature or to the artistic style of cartoons. The artist who creates and designs cartoons is called a cartoonist. The concept of cartoon originated in the Middle Ages and it was firstly described as a preparatory drawing for a piece of art, painting a fresco, or a stained glass window or a tapestry. In 19th century, cartoon was defined to humorous illustrations in many newspapers and magazines, and later it came to be referred to comic strips and animated films in the 20th century. In modern media, a cartoon is considered as a piece of art which is generally humorous in its intent.

Doraemon, a fictional character in a manga (Japanese comics) on which an anime series (Japanese Cartoon TV Show) was based and it was created by Fujiko Fujio, which is the pen name of writing team Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko. The character is shown as a male robotic cat who travels back in past from 22nd century to aid a boy named Nobita Nobi. In 2008, Japan’s anointed Doraemon as their country’s “anime ambassador”.

Chhota Bheem: Another of the popular character is Bheem, a fun-loving and adventurous 9-year-old boy gifted with super strength (this character is based on Bheem from the famous Sanskrit epic Mahabharat). His power is said to be a boon for his village Dholakpur, where it is constantly plagued by all kinds of evils and perils. Bheem has a big heart and he uses his strength only to help the ones who are wronged, needy or poor. He is the guardian of the poor and innocent people of Dholakpur and he also protects the animal residents of the same village. He is considered as the protector of the world, Bheem have a love of food and has a craving for laddoos, which gives him a surge of energy similar to the old classic Popeye – The Sailorman, where Popeye gets his strength from Spinach and makes him stronger than he normally. Mainly the laddoos are often given to Bheem by his friend Chutki and he hangs out with his three main friends including Chutki, Jaggu (a talking monkey) and Raju.

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