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When this words comes to our mind we suddenly got surprised and excited just to think about that  what will be our gift, wheather it’s our birthday or any other occasion. Gifts are  the way which make a close bonding and relation between people. Our life is also a gift of God.  Life offers us many rewards, the pleasure and  the Crises. All these are is a gift for us. Because due to this worst time we can able to know the meaning of life. This teaches us how to cope up with the situations which is the most important part of life.

The things which we have in our life is also a gift of God. Like our parents our friends and our relatives  also. All these things are the gifts of God to us. The most important gift in everyone’s life is their Parents. They are  living God  for us. We always remember God in our bad time . So God gives us bad time and sorrow in our life so that we will remember God. When all will remember god in their crises god got confused to whom they listen first or to whom next. So they gifted us a part of them to each individual who will become glad in our happiness and who will become sad with us in our failure. Who will always their for us whether they are alive or not. But their soul always gives blessings to us , for our good future, for our happiness. In my view Parents are the best, most precious gifts to us. This things are quite silly  for some people who will not believe this things but it’s the fact.

Gifts are always valuable, heart touching and unexpected. A small gifts also bears the feelings of the person who gifted us the gift. Gifts must be distinct and unique for different occasion and it also varies from person to person. For birthday, anniversary and celebration party the gifts are different. We can gift someone by our handmade gift. It may be time consuming but it will be the best gift ever. We can make handmade cards for our friends our parents and for our love. we can also made handmade bouquet for our special person and surprise them. This will gives us a awesome feelings and the person will also become happy.

The awkward moment when you open a gift which was handmade and it’s something you don’t like but you pretend you like it and after listening this things the person happiness which you find in his/her face gives us a internal happiness it the best moment of our life. Gives may be flower, teddy, bouquet or any other things. It has it’s own value, which is unexpected.

Now a days everyone is busy in their busy schedule. Nobody has time to go to the shop and purchase gift .So now a days online shopping becomes a fashion and trend also. Everything we can buy online and can send it to our special buddies who is too far from us. So that they will realize how much they matter in our life and how much they are precious to us. This small things can save our relation.So we should do this things. We are living in a society with our relatives and surroundings.So it’s our duty to give some time to them. Because time is the most valuable things in the world. This simple things in the life are the greatest gives for our parents, relatives and friends.