Surely next week you have a amazing plan for celebrating Christmas night with your friends or with your family. When we talk about Christmas then we have an image in our mind, Santa Clause, gifts and decorative Christmas tree. You celebrate this festival with gifts and cake. Now in India you can buy Christmas gifts in Pune very easily by Online Christmas gifts delivery in Pune services. In some countries, people celebrate Christmas within having some amazing and special type. May be before reading this you never heard about these facts related to Christmas celebration.  Now I want to share some special and amazing tradition which done on Christmas night in the world:-

Austria:Monster scares children,  In Austria there is a peculiar tradition in which monster scares to children and they have a reason behind this. Actually in the Christmas celebration someone dress up like a monster and scares the children in which they have believe that naughty children be on the mend by this.

Iceland:- In Iceland there is a tradition to gifts new clothes to your dear ones if you don’t do that then it can be a cause of your divorce. Seriously in Iceland couples gifts new clothes to each other on Christmas for happy and healthy life to their love.

Spain:- Red Underwear  In Spain people wears red color underwear. Exactly I don’t know what is the reason behind this but at the near of Christmas celebration you can see the market full of red underwear in Spain streets.

Mexico:- In Mexico city people make statue by underlay vegetables like carrot, radishes root for making statue. Mexican people shows their creativity on vegetables at the time of Christmas celebration.

Ukraine:- In Ukraine people decorates the Christmas tree with the help of spider webs. They have a believe that it is the symbol of good luck to decoration of the Christmas tree with spider webs . This shows a amazing passion of people and you can say that it is funny and hilarious moments on the Christmas on which people do something like that.

France:- Shoes hang over the fireplace France is the country of fashionable people and you can say that most romantic people on the earth are Frances. celebration way of Christmas of France people more special like their fashion. On near to Christmas celebration Francis people shoes hangover the fireplace and fill up these shoes by carrot. Children of France  filled their shoes with carrot and hang over to it on fireplace.

They now you should  know about these special facts about Christmas. So celebrate this lighting festival with your loved ones and make happy to your love by gift them a amazing thing.