Promotion  is normal word as we understand about it. Its meaning is simple to promote something. Today’s population is increasing day by day according to that our product also increasing day by day so it is needed to sell our product we need popularity. How can we increase our sell of  products, the thing which matters is popularity and also depends on how our product is? So in today’s time number of platform are available to promote our product. This depends on which type of product we have and  how can we bring it, into people. To increase your sell you have to understand first, what type of  product  we have  so we can give effort to get it popular, automatically its selling will be increased then according to your product, means how your product trustworthy, according to that your selling will be increasing day by day but it will totally depends on quality of your product

let us take an example to understand these things you develop a product based website. In which want to sell your product through website and all update will be done through website. These update you want to bring between people. So you will have two option one for paid advertisement and other is unpaid. Paid simply means to promotion of your product through paid platforms and paid platform’s responsibility to take your product in between public or either you can use unpaid platform. Paid platform is like advertise by publish your add on Television,  radio and by newspaper to pay some fee and promote your product or either you can use unpaid sharing of your product in social media’ s free sharing.

Today social media is most popular platform, maximum of our population is contact with social media you can promote your product. Now you have two problem first is that it should be good if people see your product or share it than it will get popular soon. But if that is not happening  then you can hire person to share your product time to time.

If we talk about nineties where we did not have this social media platform than only they had option to share either on TV, radio or Newspaper. Then it was only paid type of advertisement where you had to pay for every add.

One of my uncle prepare a website for online shopping  of product. Then he asked us how we promote it. I said we have social media under which we have lots of websites for example Facebook, Twitter   are present to advertise our website. Only we have to find them and post add on it people see that add and according to our quality of product people will once use it and become trustworthy of product so slowly -slowly our website will be popular. And once we got succeed to build trust on people related to our product so after some time automatically people prefer our product according to their needs.