cake delivery in HyderabadCandle is the symbol of peace, comfort, progress, hope and love. Just like Sun erase the darkness from the World and makes the World beautiful in its light, Candle also erase the darkness from our life and give us a bright full life. We use candle to pray God. Candlestick lights are very useful and precious to us. It gives us a strength and empower to success. It’s a best method for prayer and relaxation and by doing this things we feel relax. Each spiritual person or individuals has their own icon i.e. candle and light.

We use candle in birthday party with cake and any special occasion also. Candles on cake become a passion now a days. This culture started from a long year ago and these are continuing till now and it’s started from Germany. The round shaped chocolate cake with strawberry flavor gives the meaning of moon and candle on it signifies the moonlight. We believe that smoke which comes from the candle carries our wishes to God and it also help to rescue the people from the evil or bad soul. We use the year of celebration in the candle like suppose we celebrate someone’s birthday party who is of 10 years old. So we use 2 candles 1 and 0 to specify his/her year. We people also believe that if someone blown out the candle in a single birth then all his/her dreams comes true and that year will be lucky for them. its little stranger but it’s our consideration we don’t know it really happens or not. But we always relate everything to our life.

Candles comes in various attractive colors which have its own meaning. Candles are of White, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, Gray, Orange, Gold, Black, Brown ,Yellow, Red colors. Burning of white candle means it symbolize peace, truth, identity, purity. As we all know if we mix all 7 rainbow color then it comes White. So the  white color is the symbol of togetherness, enjoyment and happiness. Red color is the symbol of love. So burning of red color candle symbolize love, affection and excitement. Red inspire energy, internal power and how to stick in a challenging situation.

The yellow color symbolize ability and brain power. Burning of yellow candle means concentration, strong and very initiative. Burning of purple color candle means it can cancel the negative effect  and rise our hidden power and makes us strong. Gray symbolize the neutral character. Blue color carries the emotion of the individuals who celebrate our special day. Green the  color of success and courage. Pink color specifies the devotion, partnership, trustworthy.

In church also we use candle to worship God. The main motive of using the candle is to remove the darkness an sorrows from our life and make our life successful. Candle can also give us hint if any bad thing is going to happen with us. just like if we glow a candle in front of god for the sake of someone and it immediately becomes off then it symbolize any wrong thing is going to happen. It is just our thought and blind beliefs may be but sometime it happens. We use candle in front of god to give a peace to our soul.