It was a calm and serene. It was clear and lovely. The rain has stopped and the sun rays were slanting on the window. She woke up and rubbed her eyes. She gazed the sun through the window and saw several droplets on the window were making a rainbow inside the room. She was happy as something she has seen very first time in her life. Her happiness was abundant and her smile was awesome. She looked at the barren sky and saw several lining of silver grey red and blue. The state of the sky was akin to her state. All of a sudden her expression became thoughtless as if she is trying to decipher some algorithm and lost in the coordinates. Suddenly a sparrow came and sat on the corner and started chirping. She was awakened from the reverie and with a little smile on her face she looked back in the room. All were pretty old with the same color walls, same clock and the same painting and same calendar. She looked at the circled date and remembered that it was her birthday today. Till she fell asleep last night she remembered her day and was very excited about the day.


She was waiting for the day to arrive as she has been told by everybody that she would be getting many gifts. She was celebrating her ninth birthday. After realizing the room is empty her expression got heavy. She opened the door and saw a beautiful bouquet of pink roses. It was worthless for her but it brought a smile on her face as pink as those roses. Along with the roses, a box was lying there with “WINNI”. She opened the box in hurry and saw that it was a chocolate cake. Though she was very fond of chocolate she doesn’t react for a while and was wondering whether it was for her. So many things were promised to her on her birthday but nothing like this. She held the flowers bouquet in her hand and went around the house searching for her mom with so many questions like what to do with the flowers and when to have the cake.


Her mother told that it was a small token of love from her father traveling away for a tour. Winni has made these moments possible and memorable. It was delivered in the midnight.

These types of incidents get repeated each and every day with people sharing the experiences. The love factor remains intact even when people are far away. Winni providing online cake delivery and flowers bouquet in Bangalore and Hyderabad.