Dogs are the most faithful animals present on earth, a dog never forgets its owner and doesn’t disturb anyone who is known by it, to make a dog know you the dog’s owner have to consent it. There are even records present in which a dog saved its owner with its life, this makes dogs the ideal pets to have as they don’t abandon you even in a dangerous situation. Dogs have a life span of about years, but due to a dog’s loyalty the owner of a dog remembers it forever, there are many breeds of dog each breed have something special over the other, dogs have been in news and even memorized due to their devotion towards their owner, dog’s faithfulness can never be compromised in any condition, due to the difference in ferocity of different breeds of dogs, for breeding a ferocious breed people even require a license but a dog’s faithfulness is the same in each breed.

Dogs are the only creatures which reciprocates your love with utmost and unnerving devotion, we can take the example of Kabang also called the hero dog, who saved two girls and in the process lost her snout, or we can take the sacrificing Noah who saved her owners by jumping in front of them when a shooter tried to kill them and succumbed to her wounds afterwards, this shows the undying loyalty and love a dog can give to its owners even at the cost of their lives, let us discuss some of the most famous and faithful dog breeds:

  1. Labrador Retriever or simply called Labrador is a retriever gun dog i.e. a dog which assists hunters in retrieving or bringing their prize, the hunted animal or bird, even popular as a pet due to them being one of the most favorite assistance dog breed, mostly trained to aid people who are blind and can assist people with autism, they can also act as therapy dogs and are also used in law enforcement. They are the dogs which are not only friendly but they also have a sense of fun in them. so they are also good for children.
  2. German Shepherd formerly known as Alsatian as the name suggests are herding dogs which were needed to herd sheep and other cattle, their trainability, obedience , strength and intelligence is to be credited for them to fulfill these tasks, even used in assistance, police roles, search-and-rescue and military roles clubbed with acting. They are generally bred for their intelligence making them good for everyone.
  3. Rottweiler are dogs with a heavy build and they are also one of the herding dogs, they were also used to pull cats laden with butchered meat thus they are also called “Rotweil butchers’ dog”, now mostly used as guide dogs for blinds, guard dogs, search-and-rescue dogs and also police dogs. They have well-developed genetic herding and guarding instincts, their exceptional strength makes them dangerous for thieves and intruders which they can easily overcome, they may never welcome any stranger or an intruder until properly introduced.
  4. Pug are small but gentle dogs having a wrinkly short-muzzled face and curved tail, they are known for being gentle companion dogs, they were also used in advertising with one of the most popular cellular network, also called lap dogs due to them being so small that they can be carried in a lap even when they are adults as compared to the others above who can’t be taken in lap due to their heavy weight and high build.
  5. Doberman or Doberman Pinscher is one of the dogs who have short tail due to the process of docking in which the majority of a Doberman’s tail is surgically removed, this docking process is around for centuries, the main reason behind it was that the tail should not get in the way of their work because Dobermans are generally used as guard dogs and are known to be alert, intelligent and tenaciously loyal friends.

The love of dogs is one thing but there are many humans who have the same love for their dogs as dogs have for them, these people also treat their dogs as their equals making not only the dogs but people around them feel their loyalty, the height of their love can be depicted by their wish to celebrate occasions like their dog’s birthday or their birthday with dogs. Cakes are available in the photo shape of dogs or your favrouite pet by online cake delivery services. Specially for dogs and other pets but mostly for dogs as dogs are the most popular pets among all, these birthday cake online in Hyderabad are sometimes decorated with dog biscuits to make them presentable for dogs, these things mark the most loyal and lovely relation between a human and its pet and spreads the message of love among all species of animals.