Winni- online cake delivery in Mumbai has a totally different view about it. Many a times we saw that the festival is considered as demeaning for women and considered as sexist as only women is expected to carry the fast whole long day without water and eventually has to worship only for the prosperity of their husband long life and prosperity. People from many intellectual segments say that anyone’s stomach has nothing to do with long life of her husband. That is true but the concept is to show the sacrificing attitude of women towards men but then the question arises? Why not men?online cake delivery in mumbai

Though there are many argument in favor and against it but something is beyond faith and worship which is very immaterialist and arise from within. The tradition and culture also make men to think of women and her sacrifices in this patriarchal world. Even if the husband is away, he can be part of the celebration through the various technological platforms available. Nowadays live video chats are there and platform is there for sending gifts.

Winni also offers midnight delivery of cake in Mumbai. If a wife receives a gift or a cake on the same day of karva chauth she will be more than happy and will remember it forever. Online flower delivery in Mumbai is another option that can be exercised on these special days when he is away from his better half.