In India, Rakhi celebrations is the bond of love between brother and sister. The festival is not a traditional that can be change over time to time but its style become same. Since now Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated in the same way. All the traditions are followed with the same spirit. Rakhi festival is the celebration of the love between the brother and sister. Everyone start preparing for this festival much in advance. Before a month opening of Raksha Bandhan shop, you can see fancy and colorful rakhis in market. In India, festival are celebrate of togetherness, of one family. Raksha Bandhan is one such festival that is all about sublime sentiments, affection and fraternity. Raksha Bandhan means “bond of protection”.

Ladies, start shopping for Rakhi and Rakhi gifts quite before. They shop for new clothes and beautiful Rakhi gifts specially the one that have to send to their brothers stay far. In every shop, be it garment shops, gift shop and sweet shop , all shop are flooded with Rakhi gifts to attract people. Celebration of Rakhi, India is well known as for its strengthen and spirit the love between brother and sister. India is globally known for its colorful festival and tradition.

On those day of Raksha Bandhan, after taking early morning bath, people get ready by wearing new clothes and together for worshiping. After blessing of God, the sister makes performs brother arti, puts the red tika on his forehead and ties the Rakhi on his hand and sing the mantras. Sister heartily gives sweet to their brother to eat, that add more sweetness in the Raksha Bandhan and pray for their happy for the rest of life. Brother give the return gift to their sister and present beautiful gifts to them. Brother also promise to take care of her and stands by her side in any situation.After performing the rituals, the whole family make a group for fun and enjoying. Them after share tasty sweets, gift, music and dance. In that day to remember all the memorable time spent together. Now a day’s people can expressed through e-mails, rakhi greeting card, rakhi through internet and e-card. The emotions of siblings can’t stop on those days. The occasion of Raksha Bandhan the most important thing is the exchange between Rakhi and return gifts of brother.

The history of the Raksha Bandhan festival is full of instances of return Rakhi gifts. Some of the Rakhi history we are discuss here. Goddess Laxmi tied Rakhi to Raja Bali and he in turn to fulfill her wish to return to her abode with Narayana. The King Porus spared Alexandre’s life as a gift to Alexandre’s wife  who had tied a Rakhi to him. Humayun reached out to help Rani Karmawati accepting her Rakhi. Sending Rakhi Gifts for sister are a part of the Rakhi tradition. The Rakhi Return Gifts are the acceptance of the lovely sister.


  1. Rakhi is a holy string that you can tie on the hand of your sibling as a relationship image of affection and solid bond between kin.