Today Rahul Gandhi was in Bhiwandi where court grants him bail over defamation case against RSS. Soon after releasing from court Rahul Gandhi addressed the public. Here comes the most monotonous but rather funny aspect.

He talks about demonetisation move by Prime Minister, and how its crippling the life of common man. But what actually crippled more is his recorded speech which keeps on playing back and forth. Just go through following video, which contains 2 different addressing of public at same venue, for all questions he have just same answers.

And its not done yet, later he came to Mumbai where he addressed media again. Where he was open for questions from media but as you may expect for all questions same answer was coming. It is exact replica of speech which he gave twice in Bhiwandi.

Many would look at it as a defamation of Rahul Gandhi, but it’s actually not. If we expect him to be a prime minister candidate of congress party then he should be more versatile in while he address media or public. That way people will feel more attachment.

Disclaimer: We don’t support any political party, and it is intended to taken lightly as a fun.

While he was in Bhiwandi which is somewhere around 4 hour drive from Pune. Pune is a beautiful place mostly because of it is situated between mountains, due to which it provides a pretty decent climate to live. In past 10 years several IT industries have opened their office in Pune because of less population and good climate. If Rahul Gandhi could have visited Pune then there are several things he could do to chill out especially after tough arguments in court.

Pune is known for several famous dishes and several good cake delivery in Pune companies. Mr. Gandhi need not to go anywhere, he could ideally sit in his hotel room and could simply go to for ordering cake online in Pune. People usually get very little time to visit bakeries to purchase cake unless you have a birthday coming. But with online cake delivery companies it has become possible that you could enjoy cake even when there is no occasion. You could go for cakes having eggs or you can even get eggless cake delivery in Pune at your door step at a very nominal cost.

Such way, Mr. Gandhi could have enjoyed beautiful weather in Pune today and along with that a delicious cake as treat for getting bail.