????????Gifts are nothing but a combination of love, care, peace and happiness which is delighted and memorable. Gift plays an important role in each human life so it occupy an important place in our life. It show or speak our love, care and affection for one other person. Without gift every celebration or any occasion is just like a day without sunshine. We exchange gifts with other people on different festivals, event or in any special occasion  like new year, charismas, birthday, anniversary, marriage, friendship day, valentine day etc. Gifts are build our relationship lovely and more strong with other people. Gifts are very important and sweetest aspects or things in our life because they are given to us by our friends, relatives, parents, sisters, brothers and well wishers etc. So they are very precious and valuable to us which provides happiness, love and affection. In other word in this world man is a social animal so in this society where we live is likely to receive gifts to show social or friendly attitude toward other persons.

No doubt receiving gifts is a very special and interesting thing but the quality of gift is not deepens on the cost of the gift. It is depends on the sincerity of the giver that means how much he/she care for us. So the real or actual gift is which show or express our inner goodness, sincerity, care affection and love. Our gifts always represent two important things. First one is it must fulfill the needs of our relatives or friends and second one is it must be creation of our selves. So the most happy  and pleasant moment of every human  life is when ones received gifts  from someone special in our life. A people can express their feelings and love by giving gift if he/she cannot express their feelings through word. Everyone loves gifts because people see the love that hidden in it not the price of it.

Gift is an expression of love and caring. Giving gift is a very easy, interesting and sweetest way to showing another person that our loved one how much we love or care for them. In simple word a gift is the representation of a relationship in each human life.That can be many kinds of  relationship between people such as friends, family member, class mates, lovers etc. Many gifts are given and received, but however few will be memorize deeply in our heart. Because these gifts are unique which is given by someone special in our life, relating to different memories or emotions. Especially in happy occasion such as  birthday or wedding gifts will have  valuable meaning. So gifts are very important symbol or thing in each human life. It also represent sort of morale value. Gifts are usually connect with our memories, because they link an event with people who brought them or someone special in our life.