To stay happy we give a special consideration on our health and fruits are one of the natural things which help human body to stay healthy. Whenever we have gone through an infection like cold, cough, etc. we always get prescription from doctors to drink more water and eat fruits. Fruit plays an important role in our healthy life also it is used to make medicines and sacrament in temples. Animals like monkey are totally dependent on fruits for their food to live. Many people like to eat with lunch or dinner, some likes to drink it as juice, shake or crushers.

Nowadays fruits are coming in market in many different manners like mango juice came as “Frooti”, apple juice came as “Appi”, etc. And the same are also liked by people. Also we can see ice-creams with fruit; some big brands are also available which only make ice-creams with fruit like “Naturals”. It’s a big craze of fruits when it is mixed with something which is already appreciated in market.

Most huge and interesting example of combination is cake with fruits, it is the most famous combination which is liked and popular in people. There are so many flavors of cake available in market like chocolate cake, black forest cake, mango cake, Pine Apple cake, etc. Pine Apple cake is the cake with sweetness and divine taste, watering name is enough for any person to convert his/her mood to eagerly have it. Cake is the origin of every celebration which fills color of happiness in our life.

We have cake for every occasion with different shape, size and taste but recipes are same to prepare it. Nowadays photo cakes are also available in market with fruit as ingredients which are very popular in market for its uniqueness, beauty and high cost. This cake’s minimum price starts from Rs.1800/- which seems unaffordable for a middle class person but the beauty and freshness of that cake and happiness which occurs on our lovers face makes us to buy.

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Pine Apple cake’s taste is full of natural sweetness of pine Apple. It is my favorite cake which I took or ordered in any party so that I can eat it because for friends we gift them the things which we can also use that. So “forget the risk taste the mix” no need to go out and carry the big box just click and pay to get the same on every occasion or birthday.