If you have been traveling through public transport then you probably have come across something strange and funny now or then. This is a usual sight for all frequent travelers. Like once I was traveling from Dehradun to Delhi by roadways bus for attending the birthday party of friend in Delhi. One person in his 40s was sitting in the aisle seat of 2 rows ahead of me. From all the time that person was feeling quite sleepy and he was constantly looming on passengers sitting besides him.

After about 2 hours journey, passenger who were sitting with him left the bus at their stop. And this was the moment of freedom for him. He spread his legs and body all over that complete seats row, while his head was hanging on window. I was like burst in laughter due to which cake which I was carrying for my friend fell off my hand. And it was a disastrous. To cover it up and make it look more exciting I opened Winni.in in my mobile and searched for online cake delivery in Delhi, I quickly saw several good cakes that they are offering for delivery in Delhi. I choose black forest cake, and quickly placed order for cake delivery in Delhi.

Anyways, leaving my incidence apart there are some different set of people that have taken traveling in public transport to a next level. Here is a killer collection of such people. Enjoy 🙂

When you are way too tired for doing yoga

This is something how my guy was sleeping
This is something how my guy was sleeping


Watch it Dad, I am behind you



This bus driver does not want her to go


They say women should protect themselves



What the heck man, why you gave me this seat


They say you should keep your hands warm and cozy



And you should cover up your face while you do this in metro



What? I was feeling hungry



Yo lady! You are killing it. Hope no one take support of that bar again



You don’t really need a seat in metro



Mutant spotted



I am sexy and I know itpublic-transport-1-18

You got any problem bitch


When your teleporting power needs recharging, you got to take metro


Fuel efficiency at its best



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