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In India, we celebrate each and every festival some of them are interesting and funny some are religious or traditional. So we can say that celebrations play an important role in our lives. Without celebrations, we cannot enjoy our life and there is no more happy moments which we capture during celebrations. Celebrations are basic need of your life, Celebrations are the festival or occasion, you can say like “express your words or feelings and show your respect to love once. In our life two people are most important, father and mother, on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, we should give your parents flowers, greeting cards or gifts to show and express how we love them. Other side, Students expresses their respect and love to the teachers on Teacher’s day, one very beautiful line is for our guru “Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Guru devo Mahesh wara”, Students give best wishes and flowers to their honorable teachers. Celebrations make our life more joyful, enjoyable and fun. There is some many events which we can celebrate like, the Mid-autumn Festival which is come on the 14th day of the 8th lunar month yearly. During this festival, children wear funny masks, have parties with lots of fruits and special cakes like chocolate cake, vanilla cake, you can order cake online in pune with Winni, Winni make your celebration more enjoyable. This kind of celebration makes everybody very excited to wait for it. Or on Women Day, women are very important part of our society, they plays very important role in our life on this day, which comes on 8th March, we celebrate the equality between women and men. Friends and family members give gifts and flowers to women, and we order special cake to make this day memorable by ordering cake online in Pune with winni. They feel very happy. So many celebrations which make enjoyable people in india such as diwali festival, holi festival, marriage anniversaries, teacher’s day. Other side, there is a beautiful long tradition of celebrating marriages and birthdays. This type of celebrations enhances our social life, show or expresses our tradition and brings us closer to friends and family. So many people national religious leaves or holidays have become less important in during years. How we celebrate these kind of festival or occasion with an expression of our traditions and culture. So we can express our appreciation for concern person’s or people that matter to us: friend, who holds a birthday party or the person we marry. Celebrations bring our families together or friends  we have not seen  them such a  long time. it is a good way to keep in touch with friends and relatives.

In conclusion, in my opinion celebrating occasions in our life with family and friends is a most valuable tradition. We should aim to keep the cost within the available money rather than trying hard to impress our relatives or friends, guests just to show off. It is the way by which we can share our feeling, love, and exchange our thoughts and many more things. Actually, celebrations don’t need any occasion or festival we can celebrate each moment  our life.