Living life with attention to detail is a better way of leading life. It is very crucial to look at small things in life and allow oneself and others to contemplate each other because if thought carefully it is in reality where the life begins. It is the friend and the family that weave up the moments in a person’s life. The occasions are such moments where the attention detail is required and these things generate the happiness index. The moments are measured with small gestures which are displayed to showcase the love.

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Mumbai is the city where people live collectively but also take care of the small moments and want to do anything for living in the moment. The relationships also have movements like backward and forward which is decorated with the moments of birthdays and anniversaries. The celebration of these moments- though symbolically is evinced by the cake. The importance of these moments in life cannot be denied and is decorated by the exchanging of emotions through gifts.

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A gift or cake on Birthday from someone can make up the mood of the individual and the moment become a collage in the back of the mind of the individual. So many platforms have evolved to enable people to go through the moment in a lively manner. Online cake delivery in Mumbai is a medium for the making the moment as a souvenir in the life. Midnight concept has also evolved to make the person feel more important with midnight cake delivery in Mumbai. Small things when combined make it big and strong and the rule in universal in any aspect of life. The cake is a symbol of the prosperity and happiness which people look for in life though it is very simple but looks difficult. The order cake online for any occasion in India has become very contemporary and the culture is getting established for the celebration. Mumbai spirit evolved many things and this spirit is going further for a longer time