Every artificial thing has expiry date. Things like Food, jewellery, clothes and many more. Same is with our Mood also. Continuous work load leads to more stress and results in Mood Expiry. The symptoms of Mood Expiry are: laziness, tired all the time, Low energy, Feeling sleepy all the time, sudden change of Mood, lethargic, getting irritated easily. All these are symptoms of Mood Expiry. Now change is very necessary in life. One should never do continuous work all the time. Breaks are necessary for each of us. Doing only one kind of work can lead to Bad Mood.


How we can cure or change our Mood? Indulge in social activities like parties, social gathering, Dinners etc. Health activity is very necessary like gym, exercise, yoga etc. These things results in positive Vibrations. Hang out with energetic people. Eat healthy food and enjoy with your close friends.

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