Diwali, the festival of fireworks and lights, brings with it a chance to make your relations stronger and also relationships. 5th of the five-day festival is especially indicating to honor the special bond between sister and brother as Known as Bhaiya Duj or Bhai Dooj, it falls on the second day after Diwali, that is, on ‘Shukla Paksha Dwitiya’ in the Hindi month of ‘Kartik’. That’s why Bhayya Duj is the festival that stamps the end of Diwali celebrations. This festival is popular with a different name in different regions, like, ‘Bhav-Bij’ in Maharashtra and ‘Bhai-Teeka’ in Nepal, ‘Bhai-Phota’ in Bengal Bhai-Dooj’ in north India.  Such as the other four days of Diwali, Bhai Duj finds its main root in mythology. According to the great persons, Lord Yamraj, the God of Death, came to his sister the Yamuna on the ‘Shukla Paksha Dwitiya’ day in the Hindi month of ‘Kartik’. He was given a great welcome by his sister when he came to her home. On his visited, she played aarti, made tilak on his forehead and adorned his neck with a beautiful mala. She cooked superb delicious dishes and prepared sweets for him. Touched by her heartfelt welcome, Yamraj bestowed presents upon her or showered blessed on her. He gave her a cup boon that every time a brother visited his sister on this day, he would be prospered with wealth and health. Because of this story we celebrate Bhaiya Duj and get gifts online in Bhai duj is also called as ‘Yam-Dwitiya’.  There is One more story is associated with the celebrations of Bhai Dooj if we flash on this story after Bhagwaan Mahavir takes ‘Nirvana’, his brother Raja Nandi-Vardhan looked very upset. He thinks Bhagwaan Mahavir maybe forget him so he always missed him very badly. At that time, his sister Sudarshana decided to meet him. Therefore, the women have been revered in this festival, by their brothers. Such as, Bhai Duj is not only signification for the people following Hindi religion, but also matter for the Buddhists of India. By celebrating Bhai Duj, they put an end to the celebration of the Nirvana of Lord Mahavir Bhai dooj gifts in Bangalore and celebrate your occasions.

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 On the occasion day of Bhai-Dooj, sister and brothers get up early in the morning and prepaid for the day. When they come to her sister home, the sisters played ‘aarti’ of their brothers and make a beautiful ‘Teeka or ‘Tilak’ on their forehead. The sisters they sweeten the mouth of their brother, with mouth-watering eatables, such as kadi ki burfi or laddoo. After that, the sisters and brothers exchange gifts with each other. On this occasion brother can give different gifts to her. As you know we are here for you, you can select your beautiful gift for us .like you can buy cake on this occasion, you can buy more gifts like teddy, beautiful cards with great message, the people of ‘Kayastha’ community of Hindi religion people celebrate the holy occasion of prayer Lord Chitragupta, the God who maintains the records of death and life of the living beings. The ‘Kayastha’ in this community they always pray the paper, ink and pen on this day, in the honor of Lord Chitragupta.