If you are looking for something, what is the first thing you think of which can help you? You are right, its Google. Google has helped millions or rather billions of people across the globe to find information they are looking for. Whether you are searching information for your school project or looking for a website to send cake to Hyderabad, people find google as their companion in their quest. But there is a catch in google search that many people are not aware of. What is that? We are here to expose it.

Let’s take an example – you search for online cake delivery in hyderabad in google, you will be presented with a similar screen that you see just below


In this screenshot you can see 6 different websites which are offering online cake delivery service in Hyderabad. Now as a customer who would you trust, first link may be, isn’t it? Yes, you are right this is general psychology of most of the people. They trust Google for whatever information they are looking for. And for them, 1st link provided by google is the most correct one, and it will provide precise information. But sorry to say, it is not always right.

Now you would ask why. In layman terms if we try to answer this question, then ask yourself, would you like to go purchase something from a website which is visible on top just by paying X amount of rupees to google. Or would you buy from a website which has gained trust of not just google and millions of people to secure a top position. Obviously, you would go with the second option. Because it is not just safest for a newbie but also reliable. And this what exactly happening here, top 4 links that you see are the paid websites. That means, they have paid google to come on top so that they can acquire you as their customer even when they not a reliable player.


In the image above you can see distinction in search results. Top 4 search results you see there, are websites which paid for coming on top. They are not necessarily good or reliable website. Placing order on these 4 websites is like playing blind, because there is no authenticity whatsoever. Thereafter you can see 5th link in search result which is marked as answer. This results shows up when google considers your search query as a question. In that case google shows that website on top where google think that particular website could provide you answer. But you are not looking for answers right, you are looking to order cake online in Hyderabad. For that you need to look for right ecommerce website which provides birthday cake delivery in Hyderabad.

At last you could see 6th link which is marked as Actual, this is the correct link that you were looking for. This website the reliable and authentic website which on the basis of its services have come to the top slot, but other people have shadowed it by paying to google. So if next time you are searching for anything in google, always try to stay from results which are marked as “Ad” in front of them. Because only genuine organic search results will provide you most precise information that you are looking for.