Let’s discuss today who are the most powerful avengers or the superheroes from marvel comics who have joined the Avengers even for a small amount of time

6. Deadpool

Source: gamezone.com
Source: gamezone.com

Now first let’s talk about the Merc with a mouth

Deadpool: Hey People, remember me!! How can you forget and why did you number me the last one!!

Me: Dude Check their powers, i know you’re powerful and have massive intellect but this is based on power

D-pool: Hey I am the most powerful and who is the guy on No. 3 never heard of him and no. 5 too, anyway continue cause I can kill you anytime

Me: Hah! So at no.6 we have my friend D-pool here, he is a merc who briefly joined Avengers in the exes event when Avengers fought the villain Onslaught who was created by Red Skull. He extorted his place in Avengers by trading his membership in exchange of helping Tony Stark getting back in the fight with the villain.

Powers: Regeneration and a mouth

5. Hyperion

Source: pinterest.com
Source: pinterest.com

Just like Superman, Hyperion is an alien superhero sent from a dying world to the alternate reality world of the Mainstream Marvel continuity in which he was the sole survivor from the collision of two earths in that  reality, he came to the Mainstream Marvel Universe and later died in the battle with the Beyonders

Powers: superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, flight

4. Hulk

Source: weknowyourdreamz.com
Source: weknowyourdreamz.com

Now Bruce Banner met an accident due to his selflessness in saving a man which transformed him into the Green Man of incredible power, his most powerful form known as World Breaker Hulk was seen in World War Hulk event when he returned after being sent to other planets by the Illuminati(Black Bolt, Iron Man, Dr. Strange and Reed Richards) and fought Sentry (Robert Reynolds) who was only able to bring him to a standstill only

D-Pool: Hey green man…..


Powers:Seemingly Infinite Strength which increases as he gets angry

3. Starbrand

Source: marvel.wikia.com
Source: marvel.wikia.com

Kevin Connor represented the next stage of human evolution, he is the protector of humanity while the evolution, he has enough power to fight anyone its said he has infinite power, He sacrificed his life in the battle of the beyonders to defeat them

D-Pool: Who’s this guy??? Never seen him!!! and I am the next stage of evolution of every man on Earth man, no not the face but my powers and style is awesome and you say he is the next stage…

Powers: Infinite power and energy projection

2. Dr. Strange

Source: superherohype.com
Source: superherohype.com

Dr. Stephen Strange was an excellent but arrogant and greedy neurosurgeon before he damaged his hands and in a chance to get them back he reached The Ancient One who was the sorcerer supreme at that time and became his apprentice and returned back as a man with humility.

Powers: Energy projection ,astro projection, energy manipulation, cosmic awareness,can manipulate portals and even dimensions, pyrokinesis, flight, make force fields, Enhanced Healing Factor, hypnotize people, create very powerful Illusions, Invisiblity, immortality, Necromancy, phasing through solid matter, take possesion of people and things, telekinesis, teleport, telepathy, time travel

D-pool: hey what the f**K, motherf***er, he have that many powers, whoosh its a long-long list. Now that’s a mouthful of powers

Whew That’s a long list he can do everything then why he is second, we can say he is tied as he hasn’t shown the kind of power the no. 1 superhero have(he may have it as he have so many powers)!!! Otherwise he may have been the most powerful Avenger.

1. Scarlet Witch

Source: screenrant.com
Source: screenrant.com

She is the most powerful avenger as she has much of the powers Dr. Strange have and also the power of Reality Warping which she used in the vents of House of M when she took powers of many mutants, and this affected mutants of other realities also

D-pool: Hey lady, can you fix my face with that magic of yours.. Naah.. Just kidding

Powers: reality warping