The biggest nightmare for a girl is when it’s her birthday but she is about to deliver a baby and struggling with her labor pains. She should be out there partying and enjoying with her friends, but to her surprise she is lying in a hospital bed suffering from her labor pains. What sort of birthday it could be where you would be struggling with pain rather than laughing and enjoying.

This post is dedicated to the girls who should not let their birthday suffer due to labor pains. Here I am going to provide few tricks that could help you out to reduce your pain to a big extent.

  1. Breathing helps in relaxing

Breathing plays an important role in making body relaxed. If you focus yourself on your breath and releasing it, you’ll find some relief. Even if it pains, you should try to make low pitched moans, rather than something like a horror movie screams.

2. Bring your body in relax mode through control over mind

As I mentioned in above post that relaxation of body plays a very important role in decreasing the pain and an easy delivery. And your mind is the one which control everything. If you somehow gain control over your mind to make it feel like it is not paining much and your body is relaxed, it helps a lot. Mind generally works in this way – when you feel pain and it makes you tense then that pain gets doubled in its intensity.

3. Warm water therapy

Believe it or not but warm water helps a lot in soothing pain. Sitting in a tub full of warm water or even a warm water bath can do wonders.

4. Sneeze like a boss

You could make delivery of baby much easy of you could sneeze like a boss, like lady in following picture is doing. Well ofcourse this is for fun indeed.

Delivering baby like a boss
Delivering baby like a boss

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