Wedding, a celebration or occasion in a family gives much more pleasure to all the Members of the family and spread happiness.  It is a means of beginning new bonds between two person and also families. The preparation for a marriage begins soon after the agreement for an affinity between the two families are finalized. People congregation in their costliest and jazzy clothes. Friends and relatives also attend the wedding and share their pleasure. Weddings are exuberant occasions with luxury of dance, music and partying. They also bring together long-lost friends, relatives and colleague. It is the one of the most important association of human society. It has been the backbone of human civilization.  Marriage is one of the most important responsibility one makes to oneself and to the person she or he loves. It also being most celebrated events of one’s life especially for girls. For some people weddings may be that one a perfect day that they have dream up since their childhood. That time for some other people it may be making engagement in the simplest manner with complete sincerity and audacity to the person they love. Being in a wedding house gives you such a nice feeling of cheerfulness. Marriages are performed at day or night, the place is filled with many colourful lights, buntings and other different beautiful decorative items.

Wedding cakes can be any colour but most of people still feel the colour of cake should be white. Generally wedding cake was referred to as the bride’s cake and white colour is the colour of purity. The white of the cake was naturally a representation of the bride as the main central point of the wedding.1


The tradition of cutting a beautiful cake as a couple in a wedding ceremony is more popular. Because now a days every people want the stunning wedding cake to celebrate their new beginning of life with a new person or relation. A gorgeous wedding cake is often the center piece of a wedding. The cake cutting represents the first movement done as a couple. At the time of cutting a wedding cake the groom will place his hand  over the bride to help her in slicing the first piece of cake that indicate the continuity of their relationship with his support over his bride. You can order different types of cakes by online cake delivery in Delhi from Winni.