0009835_chef_bakers_dark_royale_sugarfree_cake_320Today cake is the most ultimate choice for everyone  and Cakes are different type of available in market according to occasion. Which type of cake you want? in market so cake available like Chocolate cake, Butter cake, Honey butter cake, Apple cake, Black Forest cake, cup cake, sun cake etc. So today I am describe the cake recipe how to make a cake in your home.

The Honey cake is the infused cake, which is delicious for all of cake lover. The recipe of Honey Cake with Butterscotch . 1 cup unsalted butter,1 cups sugar ,4eggs,3 cups all-purpose flour,2 teaspoons  baking powder,1 teaspoon salt,1cup butter milk,1/2 cup of honey,2teaspoons vanilla. Then preheat  oven on 350 degree, Butter and lightly flour three 8 round pans. Then in the middle of  bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder and salt. Then In a small box, mix together the butter milk, honey and vanilla. In a bowl of stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment, bear the butter and sugar on medium speed 4 minutes until fluffy. Add some Egg, one at a time, beating well after each addition and sweep down sides of bowl. Then after gradually add the dry and wet element, interchange, starting and ending with dry ingredients.mix it until combined all element together, be careful not over mix. Bake the cake in oven around 30-35 minutes, until a hot pick taste center come out clean. The after take out cake from oven and cool in pans for 10 minutes, then after remove all the wire rack to finish cooling.

The Honey cream with cheese Frosting is the best cake, I have taste ever. For recipe Honey cream cake is 1/2 cups unsalted nutter,8 ounces cream cheese,6 cups confectioner sugar,1/3 cup honey. Then after take a bowl mix fitted with paddle  attachment with beat butter and cream cheese with combine properly .Then after some time add some sugar and mix it continues and the add some honey and mix it smoothly until its mix. For Honey Butterscotch 1/3 cup sugar,1/4 cup honey,1/2 cup heavy cream,1 spoon unsalted butter, take some salt as per taste and add some gold sanding sugar(optional).After preparing element combine the sugar and honey in the fry pan over medium heat. Until the sugar convert to liquid form in the fry pan. Then after continue to cook without stirring pan occasionally. Mix the bubble until the color is dark if mixture color is butterscotch brown then using wooden spoon and remove heat. Carefully mix the cream until combined in the element. Add some butter and stir smoothly and after some time add some salt and stir once more. Let condiment cool completely before eat the cake. we can  make cool the cake if you are using refrigerator as compare to room temperature. For Assembly these take one layer of cake onto serve plate or on top of cake take one cup of honey cream. Then after repeat the second layer and then make the last layer. Then take the cake into the refrigerator for cooling  purpose 20min only. In the center butterscotch glaze and small drop of overflowing the edge. Then after serve to your friends and family.