Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of the love is lost- Khalil Gibran.

The said line is the most appropriate line in the love and relationship context. The action for being in a conjugal relationships demands very much perfect behavior or else  it leads to an unconventional way of keeping the relation active. The trust and the faith is tested so many times as the insinuations hit the mind of both the individual sporadically. In order to contain the bondings, many small gestures need to be made which acts as a veneer to the invariable love. The small gestures can be remembering the important days in life like birthdays and anniversaries. The tiny little focus can be helpful in reducing the entropy that persist in any relationship. The measure of the randomness cannot be taken into absolutism but that can be curated by thoughts of sharing and sending a small token of love in the form of flower and cake.

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It is a myth the love is extreme and does not requires any materialistic approach. Ex Love of a child and mother, child cries then only mother comes to know that the child is hungry. Though on the similar concept , the special occasions are those days where a person need to revert back with tokenism concept. There are so many platforms available for solving the complex problem of human Psyche like winni which delivers your love at  the correct  time keeping all the sentimental quotient attached. Winni has stated its operation in Hyderabad and growing well.

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