send flowers to HyderabadFlower; weak and beautiful thing in this world. It spreads fragrance all over and stays same as always, no matter it’s dead or alive. Flower is the best example to learn about life, it tells us that we should being kind and helpful to all even to our enemies as flower do. It spreads fragrance even for those who plucked it from the plant and so that it is very difficult to find a person who says I hate flower because it spreads fragrance always.

We are gifted with many kinds of flower on Earth but the most loving flower is rose. Rose flower has many different colors and signifies different meaning for each color to us. For example: Red rose means blind love for a partner, Yellow is the symbol of friendship and joy. We send or give yellow roses to our loved ones like friends or colleagues. White rose is the symbol of peace and some people use it as present at the time of saying sorry to their loved ones. So flowers are very attached to our life, it holds an important place in our life and we cannot live without them.

If I will talk about the presents and gifts in any occasion, the first thing which comes to our mind is bouquet with a huge varieties of flowers because we know that bouquet is the thing which can’t speak but its presence says everything. There are so many places from where we can easily get bouquet and flowers to gift. Sometimes image of flower plays an important role in our life because the person who stays away from us and we want to give flowers to him/her but we can’t because of distant location. That time even an image of rose will work and makes our friends or relatives happy and reminiscence us with love.

Now a day’s sending flower to our loved ones who are staying in different cities, states or country is not a big deal. There are several websites available, which serves this up to the doorstep of our relatives if we order. I think it’s better to send online flowers to them instead of a picture from whatsapp, Facebook, etc. After imagining this wonderful thing, I also want to send some flowers to my friends who are staying away from me.

Last but not the least I just wanted to end this with my short story which shows me the need and importance of flower in our life. One fine morning I woke up my mother asked me to get some flowers for prayer, I went to bring some flowers from shop. When I was in the shop there were several people who were standing to buy flowers for different reasons. A kid was waiting to gift a rose to her girl, a man was waiting to buy Garland, a girl was waiting to buy the petals of rose to make drawing and a group was waiting to buy flowers for funeral. That time I got to know that flower plays an important role in our life.