Forgot about the day of Love, Valentine’s day and you’re going to meet your love, in a dilemma what you give them to make them happy, then here are some of your answers for it.

1. Cook a meal with your hands


Your hands can perform miracles, you can do many things with these two limbs, so why not do something productive and let’s cook a meal, for whom?? For your love so they can enjoy the taste of your hands in the meal you prepared, if you don’t know how to cook try it, this is one of the ways you can escape from their wrath of not getting anything on this day.

2. Take them to a beautiful placersz_2354048784_7ffe731b2b_o


Another one of the ways not to get clobbered by your love is to lighten the mood by taking them to a place which have beautiful scenery near or around it and let them enjoy the mood of that breath-taking place.

3. The classic solution of long driveCouple-Driving-in-Car-600x400


This is a cliché, you can take your partner to a long drive and let them enjoy the changing surroundings while beside you and this one is one of the fool proof plan.

4. Best out of wastemaxresdefault


You may have many things which you had considered trash or something equivalent, some of them would have been thrown out but if you have some waste materials then you can use them to get something new and productive and make your love happy

5. Unexpected surpriseproposal-venice-009-1404x936


What more you can do then do something which is not expected from you and surprise your love while wishing them this day of love.

6. Public ProposalTimes Square New York Minions marriage proposal

What more you can do then publicly claiming your love for their hand, propose your lover in public and let the whole world know how much you love them.

7. Say “sorry”Sory-Dear-Maan-Jao-Love-U-Baccho-Zoozoo-Couple


This is the last resort which if given heartfelt may be something which will pass and if not then you are in serious trouble.