Kolkata famous for many things like Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum etc is also turning out a city of celebrations. You can never neglect the mode of celebrations from Kolkata people as they show a variety in the enjoyment. Birthday celebrations are becoming a common thing for Kolkata people and friend and family who are away like to op for online cake delivery in Kolkata to send their wishes to the people. The people are very enthusiastic about celebrating the birthday and people also want the person to celebrate as never before. Birthday cakes are in the list of essential for celebrations and considered as important as guest. The cakes remain the buoyed thing in the birthday party.

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Kolkata is having its rich heritage and people are following the culture and tradition but they have come of age and they are mainly driven by rationale and ideas. The festival celebration like Durga Pooja also has a anew meaning now because it has become a place of societal importance because change of thoughts usually happen during these time. A person free from other necessary thing enjoys the leisure.

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Kolkata –the city of satisfaction where people live in harmony has been developing a trend for celebrating it with so much of noise. The parties and pubs are getting acceptable to the people and have resulted in night life. People also love to celebrate it right at the midnight of birthdays and anniversaries. They love to take leave and roam around enjoying life and planning the events with family and friends.  For bachelors, birthdays means boozing and then right from the evening before and continued till late night. The hangover is the most important part of the birthday. The cake delivered at midnight is cut in the midnight and then lot of smashing happens rather than eating.