The first cake was very different from what we are having today. It was bread and honey sweeter thing. The Egyptian was the first who show the evidence of best baking skills. In mid of 17th century, Europe baked the first modern cake with refined sugar and oven.

In 19th century that cake as we know today arrived first. It made using with cream, flavor, butter, sugar and baking power. Cake, gateaux, and torte are the same references. Gateaux is in French and Torte is in German. Little difference in between, all are the form of cakes.

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Cakes round shape shows the cyclic nature of life and it’s was round because of sun and moon, these are just myths but hoops that they used in old time were in round shape and still continued.  Premium cakes are served at special days (birthdays, weddings, Anniversary and holidays) because they represent our best culinary art offering honoring our most loved people.

That time women have the craze of cooking by herself so they were cook cake on occasion. But now all things are available in packets. So just mix it and bake for some time, it’s ready for many of bakeries have started to serve online so you can order and get it. Send cakes online to friend on his Birthday is on trend and many of giving the surprise to wife, husband, family, relatives, and friend with online cake delivery.

Winni the ecommerce site has launched cake and flowers servicing in all India. Send cakes to Allahabad via online cake delivery services or you can give surprise to your relatives by Midnight cake delivery in Allahabad.

After some time more flavor and design introduced by bakers and trends started of cakes on Birthday, Anniversary, Marriage, Christmas, new year and etc. One country to another and now in all world, cakes are special for almost every occasion.