At every birthday you get or celebrate with a cake which has different taste and different design at every year. Here we suggest to you some popular and special cake designs to celebrate your birthday, marriage anniversary, Christmas and many more happy occasions at home. And here you will get a detailed artwork on cakes. You can buy cake online in Pune from these cake category.

Playing Dolls ( Choco vanilla) Cake: –  It is a cake for kids which have an attraction with dolls and toys. In this, there is a work on the creation of this design. It has been made of choco vanilla and some moist layer of cream on it. It has an attractive look for kids and teenage children. A hard mixture of vanilla make it special in taste. In kids birthday party it is the best option in cakes. So for your kids birthday party order cake online in pune with playing dolls cake choice.

Hello Kitty (Vanilla) Cake:- This kids cake is the example of perfect work on bakes. It has an amazing creativity in its design and you can see it on its picture. It can be customized by our bakers team. It is popular between kids and whenever you will celebrate your kids birthday then you can feel their happiness when they cut the mustache of this kitty face.



Strawberry Heart Shape Cake: –  It is a perfect cake for a couple and events like marriage anniversary and valentine day. It has a hard layer of vanilla and chocolate with creepy bake. With a heart shape cake for the birthday celebration, you can express your love for someone which is close to your heart. This is a melting mouth cake which gives romantic feelings for a couple. With the design of this cake layers of chocolate, strawberry flavor makes it awesome in taste. It is a perfect choice for the couple on the celebration of the special day.

heart strawberry cake

Hazelnut Cappuccino Cake:-  A cake for coffee lovers, it has a moist layer of chocolate and cappuccino. With taste, it has an amazing design as shown in the picture below.  A chocolate color with some strawberry and hard chocolate flavor make it taste awesome. With layers of sweet crispy bake make it taste amazing. It is popular among youngsters celebrating the birthday.

Wild Forest Cake:-  A cake with a feral look as shown in the picture. The wild look of this cake is an art by bakers team. With a feral look, it is a delicious cake in which you will feel chocolate cream, red cherries, dark chocolate and chocolate flakes on the sides. It is the best option for girls birthday party which gives a theme for a party like wild and feral. It is a cake which is popular among girls because of its taste which has a hard chocolate flavor taste and looks of this cake.