The festival of great Indian “Karva Chauth” is coming so let’s talk about its main reason, a wife. Wife is said to be the female partner in a marital relationship. A wife also referred as a spouse, which means partner. Man and Woman can be said to be two sides of a coin, as one is opposite to the other mainly in terms of behaviour and characteristics. A man is considered incomplete without a woman so is the woman considered incomplete without a man. Men and women are related to each other in many ways, a men is and can be a brother, a husband, a father while a women can be a wife, a sister and finally a mother. There are some rights and obligations which are said to be followed by the wife for her and her partner’s status in the community and it varies between cultures and has changed over time.

The word woman is of Germanic origin, from a Proto-Germanic *wībam, “woman” came in existence. In Middle English the word turned to wif, while in Old or Medieval English the term wīf or the word” woman or even wife”. It is generally expected, in many cultures across the Earth that after a marriage woman may take her spouse’s last name, though this rule is not universal. A married woman can indicate her status in many ways: in the Western culture the custom is to wear a wedding ring by the wife as well as husband while in other cultures there are other markers of marital status which may be used. The honorific title given to a married woman is “Mrs”, but some bold thinking married women prefer to retain their maiden honorific as “Ms”, “Ms” is also given to a woman whose marital status is unknown.

New researches on the neural connections within a human brain suggests many differences based on sex that many people may have suspected for many centuries: women are said to be wired for feelings like socialization and memory while their opposite, men appears to be geared towards perception and coordinated action. Similarly, it is said that a female’s brain appears to have more close connection between their neurons present in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, while males generally seems to have much more neural communication within hemispheres from the frontal to rear portions of the organ.

There are many ways in which a man and woman interact with each other, it was considered normal many years ago that a woman is subservient to a man but nowadays a man and a woman are considered to be equals, this thinking is going on from medieval times but due to the masochistic attitude of some people it was not considered for a long time, but nowadays it’s not so. There are many literatures, articles, one-liners and jokes which depict the relationship of a man and a woman as a husband and a wife. Sometimes when women are annoyed due to some behaviour on their or their spouse’s part, their spouse gift them items like cakes and flowers to make it up with them.