M.S Dhoni hails from Ranchi and we all know the heights that he has risen to in his cricketing career. He is a well-known cricketer across the world. He is known for his amazing wicket keeping and the famous Helicopter shot. He is also the most successful captain for Indian cricket team. He won both ICC T20 World Cup in 2007 and 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, this feat made him really popular and loved by all Indians. He is popularly known as Captain Cool as he has shown a lot of patience in some of the toughest situations he faced as a captain. He is also known for his guts and confidence; he has taken certain unpredictable decisions during crisis in a match and executed them wonderfully and  shut the mouth of all his critics. He has taken cricket to a different level altogether.

To show the hard work and the difficulties that he has to go through to become what he is today, a biography movie is being made on M.S.Dhoni. This movie is aptly named “M.S. Dhoni – The untold story”.

While Dhoni travels all over the world still he is attached firmly to Ranchi. He has a beautiful house in Ranchi and has a special connection with this town. The people of Ranchi too are fond of him and applaud him for all his achievements. Dhoni has risen to the international standards and has taken the name of Ranchi along with himself to the various parts of the world.

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The way Dhoni has become smarter and advanced in life, embracing new things, learning new things, creating new things, moving on is his way of life. The advances in life require trying out new things, experimenting and embracing the new things life and society has to offer. Technology also is a new way of living;it is enabling people to do things more conveniently. Internet has added to the Indian societies in an amazing way and online solutions are making life easier. So Ranchi will also move on and become smarter each day, using technology and internet to create more sophisticated lifestyle.

So yes we agree definitely that Ranchi is as smart as the hero M.S.Dhoni that it has given to the world. With each passing day Ranchi is becoming smarter and will be inviting many online solution providers to enrich its lifestyle.