Everything whether tangible or intangible has a cost associated with it. And even a small action taken to resolve sometime also carries a cost. The cost may be classified as direct cost, indirect cost or opportunity cost or the aftereffect cost. The emotion also carries a cost associated with it. Love and hate are of same category only the difference is the time. Today a person loves one person and he starts hating the same very person in a span of time. Relation and its different dimension play a vivid role in understanding the cognitive behavior of the person. A person has feelings for a non living thing or a living thing. Different person has different felling for fellow beings, animals, plant. Every living being in its child state looks the best and only love get bestowed on it.

There are people as well who love himself and want to be loved. The quotient of the love becomes clear only on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc and the remainder is only the part which is formality of sharing love. The culture has grown in India to send cakes and flowers to their loved one when they are near and far away. Many online websites has come to share your love by sending cakes and flowers online all across India. Nobody cares about the emotions associated with it but Winni has changed the overall experience of ordering cakes online and getting it delivery at a particular location in Bangalore and Hyderabad.cake delivery in hyderabad

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