Hey Guys, Mr. Pool here Dead-pool, here’s my friend telling some awesome things about me He..He..he..)

Deadpool’s movie released in theaters on 12th of January, let’s talk about some things in it, as i watched it on the same day and here are my views on the movie and some major things about the main character and fortunately we have Deadpool(character not Ryan Reynolds) himself with us

First let’s talk with Deadpool who is an anti-hero not well known in India (Deadpool: How can i not be???), what’s so special about him, let’s talk about his powers then we’ll talk about his movie

1. Regeneration

Source: comicvine.com

Me: Also called the regenerative degenerate, Deadpool’s mutant power is accelerated regeneration, as he was suffering from cancer and he got this power when he was on last stage, so this power also regenerates his cancer cells as well as other cells which result in his hideous

ahh.. pow…

Deadpool: awesome look

Deadpool: I know, I know but let’s be honest I’m awesome so that makes my looks awesome.. too…

2. Breaking the fourth wall

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Me:Now he have the tendency to break through the fourth wall, now first of all let’s know what is the fourth wall. Deapool: Here he goes again…….!!!!!!

Me: ok, ok i’ll keep it short. The self awareness of one being the one beyond an act, serial, comic etc. for e.g. take Deadpool when he talks right to you

Deadpool: Hey.. ladies, what you’re doing let’s play some f**ky f**ky with my chimichangas

3. Chimichangas

Source: archiveofourown.org
Source: archiveofourown.org

Me: Sorry, Wade just renamed it. One of the main charcteristic of deadpool is his funny nature, he is so funny that…….

Deapool: It’s my side with sunny side up and the other side down.

Me: Stop it, Man well you see his humorous ugh.. oh man close your zip man close your zip

Deapool: Whaaaat! I was just showing you my funny side

4. Awesomelly Crazy

Source: marvel.wikia.com
Source: marvel.wikia.com

Me: Sorry guys but Wade…. ah..

Deadpool: Dude, what about my secret identity, doesn’t every superhero have it, ok hell f**k it, continue on, my friend

Me: So Wade people say you are crazy, unpredictable, degenerative and they also have a name for you the merc with a mouth

Deapool: Yes Sunny(You revealed my secret), i know what people think about me, but what can i do i am the most fun character in Marvel Comics and most powerful too, haven’t you read when i killed the whole Marvel universe, just deal with it or your so called people are gonna be next…. Joking…

Deapool: Hey wanna eat some shwarma and some chimichangas

Me: Why not??

Deadpool: No p-rob first get this f***ing interview over with, then we’ll to go the nearest taco place.. Ok sweety

Now let’s time about the movie (Yeah! It’s Awesome)

Deadpool: !You totally said that.!!

Me: So Deadpool have you watched your featured movie in India

Deadpool: yeah..! man i watched it but i have some things to say…..

1. F**k you Indian Censor Board

Source: tumblr.com
Source: tumblr.com

Deadpool:… Yeah I mean it, they trimmed my sexy-sexy scene and even muted some of my favorite kissing (cussing) words. How can they be so screwed up that after that they give MY F***ING MOVIE A RATING. I’LL JUST CHOP OFF THEIR HEADS

Me: Calm down Wade, calm down think about Vanessa

Deadpool: Oh Yeah! Vanessa….. Ah…. Ah…

Me: No, no, no, no think about something else we’re in an interview man!!

Deadpool: ok, ok Shut your trap man

2. Thank you My movie studio(20th Century Fox)

Source: comingsoon.net

Deadpool: Yes i want to thank my studio to not mess with me because that’s how nasty i can be, and bless my fan Ryan Reynolds, hey i found a pen with his name, bless him to do everything like i do.

Me: So you’re happy with them…..

Deadpool: Why shouldn’t I be they made a movie honoring my awesomeness, what more can I want, no i want a comic franchise, a TV franchise, some million f***ing dollars and some chimichangas and I am good to go…. Yeah that’s it

Me: So what did you like in the movie

3. All the action

Source: gizmodo.com

Deadpool: Yes Ryan followed me to the point and did the same things as me in my awesomeness but I am me and he is Ryan Pens

Me: So you liked his acting?

Deadpool: Yes i agree and I liked the old man Lee’s cameo but I saw that there were only two X-men and I told Ryan to mention it in the movie and he did, the teenager had an awesome name…what was it??..yes..Negasonic teenage Warhead.. it’s awesome!!

Me: Yeah! But wade remeber.. No Spoilers please!!

4. With perfection

Source: theverge.com

Deadpool : now that rhymes, i like it

Me: but you wrote it man..

Deadpool: So what the heck, nobody reads that, they’ll just watch me in my awesomeness. Hola! guys meet you next time stay tuned with this man here and we’ll discuss about me. Until that eat some chimichangas and enjoy. :->

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