0004488_friends_are_foreverChocolate is a Spanish word, it is originated from cacao tree which is mostly found in the forest of Amazon in South America. Many country celebrates chocolate week as an occasion where people likes to gift chocolates to their friends, lovers, relatives and also to beggars. So chocolate became a symbol of love in our heart and common addiction for every common person.

Chocolate is the most favorite and beloved eatable thing for every age of people on Earth. Now a days we use chocolates in place of sweets and also used for gifting purpose. Chocolates has a huge number of varieties and people are also mad in love of chocolates. In which the most popular chocolates are Cadbury, Kit kat, Ferrero Rocher, etc.

Chocolate has the power to hold a relationship in a strong knot, can give a beautiful smile on our lover’s face, can stop a child from crying and the most important thing is that it spreads it’s sweetness between relations. We make friends to be happy and it only happens if we maintain the sweetness in relationship. The most common way for that is gifting a chocolate no matters it’s an occasion or not, because chocolate is the only thing which we can eat anytime depends on our mood.

In chocolates we have dark, unsweetened, milk, semi sweet, pre-melted chocolate, etc. Every chocolates has its equal worth as per the situation. The person who likes bitter things he will prefer dark, those who have diabetes they will go for unsweetened and so on. Due to increase in popularity of chocolates now a days so many companies are producing chocolates which are health conscious like chocolates with dry fruits, milk, etc. Melted chocolates are also available in market and biscuit companies also taking advantage of it by mixing chocolates into their products and increasing their productivity.

Homemade chocolates are the booming product in these days, people are crazy to get that as they are pure and tasty as compared to others. Making of chocolate is also very easy only the thing is cost is little more because of ingredients. If we want mix dry fruits in chocolates then it is also available with high cost, mixing something and make difference is common in foods, chocolate and ice creams. That causes some companies introduced alcohol in chocolates which is famous in many countries.

If we talk about its uses, then it will take a 2-3 days to tell because when any small and big thing happens in our life we definitely celebrate first with chocolate. When someone gets angry on us we makeover with chocolates, small kids always cry for chocolate as it is the most lovable eating thing in childhood. That is why I am wishing for the world to become chocolate, how crazy it will be if it will happen. We will play in the beach of chocolates, creativity with the sand of dry chocolates and eat that in place of food.

We will gift rose, bouquet and cake of chocolates to everyone it seems like miracle because the best thing you can do for a friend when they are hurt, is make them smile even when you have nothing to offer but a chocolate.