Don’t think just because Valentine’s Day is meant at lovebirds, it’s not mean you have to skip the complete day if you are currently single.

There are many ways to celebrate this event if you are single.

1. Treat yourself

This day is mainly a day to spend an unnecessary amount of rupees on gift basket that Manly cost half the price the other 364 days of the year. Do whatever you want to do. Just announce it a “me day” and do funny things on this occasion.

2. Chilling and rocking

You should go to parties never knows a few single women could also be in the audience. You might also hit a bar, go to a show or whenever you want to go elsewhere other single persons are enjoying or hanging out.

3. Hang out with your self

On this day don’t do anything. Being single on this day is the best chance to feel free or just get out of the “jail free” debit or credit card to spending money on optional activities and booze your absent girlfriend could perhaps condemn of. Do only one thing doesn’t leave the house. You may go out other weekend and spend all the money you saved in your hitch friend’s face.

4. Slash it up with your buds 

We will tell you one fact about men always has one or three single friends. Basically, it just is according to man’s law. They will celebrate Valentine’s Day alone as well, you and your friends say, man, I am glad, you are here rather than wasting your time on girl or valentine’s junk.

5. Became devotee 

If you are single want to spend time particularly on this day that type of place where you feel free rather than watching couples on the roads or restaurant. Then go to Hanuman temple and spend your time with hanuman ji they will understand your feelings, because he is the biggest devotee in the world and ask one question to him “why me”?

6. Plucky the online dating world


One way which you can celebrate or enjoy the day is online dating. Many single persons spending time in the online world. There is so many different sites are available. You can stick with the more customary way of browsing profiles and chat online with possible matches.

7. Join Bajarang dal and shiv sena

Let’s do some crazy stuff like join this kind of groups who react against Valentine’s Day. Members of this kinds group will catch couples in restaurant and public places. So being a single is better than in a relationship.

8. Don’t be distraught 

You are single is the biggest advantage rather than having a relationship. So don’t be upset no one knows or never too late maybe God might be busy writing good things for you or in future you will meet a beautiful girl which brings lots of happiness in your life “bhagwan ke ghar der hai andher nahi”.