Broke? No Money? How to impress your partner and its February 14th , the season of love Valentine Day is here? Don’t know what to do? Here are some of the suggestions what to do when you’re broke.

1. Roam around

No money doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy with your partner just roam around someplace near you which may offer you a good scenery and try to act smart and have fun.

2. Play pranks

Sometimes a prank does what you can’t do, play pranks on your partners and others beside you and them and spread happiness and joy among others.

3. Compete or enjoy with your partner and if possible some friends too 

Compete against your partner to make it a fun day as you can have a singing competition or you can sing for your partner just, dance competition and other interesting games with them and if possible you can also invite your friends with their partner.

4. Enjoy each other’s company

If love is their money doesn’t matter as said by many people in many of our movies, sometimes being with each other is everything and you don’t require money for this kind of things so enjoy the day with accompanying your partner and let them feel that you’re there for them always.

5. Enjoy a movie at home

Feel free to watch a romantic movie with your partner on television or on your PC or Laptop (if you have one, of course, that’s a silly question?) and let’s see where it can get you.

6. Do something different and unique 

Let’s do something different, but what does it mean? It means to show a side of your personality which you haven’t shown your partner and let them do the same and try to enact as someone else or if you haven’t just crashed a party and enjoy there.

7. Let them know your love 

Money is not required to utter the words of love for one’s beloved so say them and see their response on hearing them if you haven’t proposed yet then this is the time every time a rose or a gift is not necessary or if you can give them something you made out of your own hands and it will leave a lasting impression on them.