The queen of flowers is here for the queen of your heart to give it to, seven days are celebrated during Valentine Week, but all the things start with a rose, which is given to your love as a token of love and it’s a way of expressing your feelings and say the unsaid with it. Let’s discuss some of the ways one can celebrate this day.

1. Propose your love  

If you’re friends with your love and haven’t expressed your feelings then this is the right time to do so, get a rose and propose your love.

2. Get a rose for every one 

Rose day is not only the start of a romantic relationship if you want you can also give everyone special in your life with different colored roses bouquet depicting your feelings.

3. Start working toward your love  

If you haven’t even decided on your partner or you have an even haven’t met them, make them friends with a yellow rose and let them know that you’re there for them.

4. Make peace with your enemies

Make peace with your enemies by gifting them a white rose, the sign of peace and light to and wish them good luck for their Valentine Week.

5. Leave the roses alone 

Roses are parts of plants and plucking them affects the ecosystem so if you want you can also leave the roses and let them grow and spread fragrance in your life.

6. Take a walk in a garden full of roses 

Experience the fragrance of love first-hand by taking your love with you to a garden where roses bloom and experience the fragrance of love and see the color of rose reflected in your love.

7. Send flowers or surprise with flowers

If you’re far away from your love let your regards reach them as you send your token of love to them in the form of roses or if they’re close then surprise them by gifting them suddenly or leaving an anonymoleaving anh it.